A New Message from Eco Savvy

Project Manager

Judith King

Arran Eco Savvy is delighted to welcome Judith King
Judith is Eco Savvy’s Reuse Micro hubs project manager.

7/8 micro hub managers  have been employed  as part time managers for our eight villages.
Eco-Savvy’s new project is  Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs’ which aims to create an island wide network of reuse and up-cycling sites which will encourage local communities to come together to tackle waste and build a more sustainable future.
These micro-hubs will be focal points for waste reduction – promoting up-cycling though skills sharing, reuse through swap shops and delivering educational events. Each hub will be located in an existing community space and by collaborating with established Arran groups the aim is that no one on Arran will ever be more than four miles from an Eco Savvy Hub.
This is a big project and a great challenge for everyone on Arran to make it a huge success.
This project is funded through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.