Trustees of Eco Savvy

Beverly Walker,  Andrew Downing, Esther Brown and Sue Weaver.

We would like to welcome Sue Weaver back to our Board of Trustees. Sue has been a part of Eco Savvy since the beginning as a founding member and has been a trustee and chair. She now has time to give again and will help us further our goals. We are very grateful to have her experience and support as a trustee.

Can you help Arran grow into a greener island ?

Eco Savvy is looking for committed volunteers to join its Board of Trustees to support and develop its strategy for the future.

The Eco board meets every 5 – 6 weeks, in the evenings and daytimes, at different locations around the island. This is a great opportunity to provide support and guidance in an area that needs committed individuals.

Applicants are invited to email to arrange an informal chat with one of the trustees.

As a charity, Eco’s success has been up until now, 100% self funded through our local shop and donations. In 2017 Arran Eco Savvy has been awarded £63,436 with The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund including a maximum funding of £31,718 from the European Regional Development Fund. We have a full time project manager and are currently developing future projects. We are keen to welcome applications from anyone committed to the aims of Eco to our board.

The organisation’s charitable purposes are:

“The advancement of environmental improvement on the Isle of Arran by identifying and accomplishing environmental projects, which benefit the local community, increase environmental sustainability and support sustainable living, whilst working towards zero waste for Arran

The advancement of education by providing learning opportunities for vocational skills and training which are of benefit to all ages and abilities, increase employment opportunity and allow individual enhanced contribution towards improving lifestyles, the local environment and environmental sustainability.”

We also strive to :

1          Establish and promote an awareness of good environmental practice and facilitate a culture of re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle and  on the Isle of Arran

2        Work with other groups and partners to establish environmental schemes which will provide involvement and skills learning for Arran residents of all age groups and all abilities.

3        To ensure activities are cost effective and sustainable through partnerships with private enterprise and local business.


  • To mobilise and energise a wide ranging large environmental community group on the Isle of Arran.
  • Through growing membership which is free and open to all over 16’s who support the aims and purpose of Arran Eco Savvy.
  • To identify and develop local environmentally beneficial projects.
  • To enhance the local community & environment by finding solutions which are of benefit to the local community and environment whilst improving environmental sustainability on Arran
  • To support collaborative working with other organisations who share our aims and values.
  • To make a positive contribution  to the community & strive towards financially sustainable developments.


To make a positive contribution towards achieving the island’s potential:  A happy thriving community living sustainably, with clean air, zero waste and an unspoilt, unpolluted beautiful environment, enriched with a healthy population of wild life, flora & fauna on the Isle of Arran”



October 20, 2017
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