About Us.

 Arran Eco Savvy Community SCIO

Charity Number SCO45785

Arran Eco Savvy Community has currently raised, through our shop, over £17,000.

This fund will be put towards the purchase of land to be used for environmentally beneficial community projects.

 Development of composting on island to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing shipping waste off island, is being developed.


We are now talking with North Ayrshire Council (NAC) with an intention to investigate  Green Waste Composting and a Public Service Partnership (PSP). 

A pilot scheme for food waste composting is being considered.

Proposals for acquiring land suitable for composting are being prepared.

Food and Beverage Waste Audits are being researched for local businesses 


Eco Savvy began as a not for profit group in March 2013

Opened a community shop run by volunteers in April 2014

Was granted charitable status in July 2015

Managed by 4 trustees

Supported by a volunteer open working group

Eco Savvy has over 400 members.

Eco Savvy has been 100% financially sustainable through funds raised from the  community shop.

2017 –

Arran Eco Savvy awarded £63,436 (includes maximum funding of £31,718 from the European Regional Development Fund).

Eco-Savvy’s CCF & ERDF project is ‘Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs’

Helping to make Arran a greener & more sustainable island.


February 1, 2018
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