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“We aim for a happy thriving community living and working sustainably, with clean air, zero waste and an unspoilt, unpolluted beautiful environment; enriched with a healthy wildlife, flora & fauna on the Isle of Arran

'I want to be an Arran Eco Savvy Member and help make Arran a greener and more sustainable island'

The Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Funding has helped us save

0 tonnes of co2
on Arran in 2017-18
0 tonnes of co2
on Arran in 2018-19

and the next target is ....

600 tonnes of co2

Arran Eco Savvy will deliver a 2 year “Sustainable Island Life Project”. This multi-faceted project will continue existing focus on energy efficiency, but additionally target two other low-carbon strands, namely, sustainable food and sustainable transport.

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0 kgs
of food saved from landfill in 25 months of Food Share... cool number !

Stop food going in the bin

Collect FREE food Its on its use by or best before date and it’s all headed for the bin ! Everyone is welcome, its for the whole community of Arran. This is all about reducing food waste and its impact on our environment.

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