Welcome to Arran Eco Savvy

Helping to make Arran a greener & more sustainable island.

In 2017 Arran Eco Savvy has been awarded £63,436 with The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund including a maximum funding of £31,718 from the European Regional Development Fund)

Eco-Savvy’s new project is ‘Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs’which aim to create an island wide network of reuse and up-cycling sites which will encourage local communities to come together to tackle waste and build a more sustainable future.

The Arran Eco Savvy Community, is a group based on the Isle of Arran with the aim of identifying and accomplishing environmental projects to benefit our community, increase environmental sustainability and support sustainable living, whilst working towards zero waste for Arran.

To make a positive contribution towards achieving the island’s potential:  A happy thriving community living sustainably, with clean air, zero waste and an unspoilt, unpolluted beautiful environment, enriched with a healthy population of wild life, flora & fauna on the Isle of Arran”

Arran Eco Savvy Shop
Shore Rd
Whiting Bay
Isle of Arran
KA27 8PR

Shop Telephone Number 01770 700 417


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