Important survey request

Eco Savvy Micro-hubs

proposal for your village

We would like to request 5 minutes of your time today please, to help shape the future of Eco Savvy.

Arran Eco Savvy Reuse Micro-hubs,
This is an innovative idea evolved from your suggestions to us, when you have visited our community shop in Whiting Bay.

We aim to locate an Eco Savvy micro-hub in each village on the island.

Each hub will be located in an existing community space, providing a useful income. We hope to collaborate with established Arran groups and identify a local person to be employed part-time to act as a hub coordinator.
A hub coordinator will be supported by local volunteers

Micro-hubs will operate the same way the Whiting Bay Eco Savvy hub works.

Q. What would happen at a micro hub?

Sales of unwanted items will be available in a small designated area.

  • People will become a member of Eco Savvy

  • Members are able able to sell up to 5 small unwanted items and receive a percentage of the selling price

  • Donations of unwanted household items will be welcomed
  • Electrical items will be PAT tested ready for sale
  • Eco Savvy the project, Arran zero waste and sustainability information will be available
  • Solutions for unwanted or waste items will be found
  • Social skill sharing, schools up-cycling and workshop activities will be generated from each micro-hub.
  • Collaborative working will be encouraged and supported to maximise local benefits
  • Low Carbon lifestyles will be supported

Climate challenge targets will be introduced, for example, the loan of a shower timer for a family household with meter readings before and after will be offered. This will help us to meet carbon reduction targets and our members will also benefit by reduced bills.

Q. Where will these micro hub be located?

At present we have not established exact locations, we hope the addition of a micro-hub will benefit village halls, church halls or any suitable community welcoming space, by paying a regular income and by generating an increased footfall.

Working to find the right solutions for each village is very important, all our villages are special and all are very different.
Some villages may have a hub  operational 5 days a week while others may only be able to offer  2 days.

All hubs will offer practical household waste solutions to additional island villages, applying village specific needs and opportunities.
This will in turn establish a sustainable network of reuse activities, members and volunteers.

The aim being that everyone on Arran is never more than four miles from an Eco Savvy re-use hub.

For the first time, Eco Savvy is applying for funding to expand our existing project to reduce the carbon footprint of the wider island community through awareness,waste reduction, social skill sharing, schools up-cycling and workshop activities.

Q. Doesn’t Eco Savvy have a lot of money already?

Yes, but we have ring fenced £10,000 for forestry land purchase, in order to begin Community composting of Arran’s green waste.

Eco Savvy has sold over forty five thousand pounds of unwanted items in our Whiting Bay hub and injected over twenty thousand pounds back into the local economy.  With the additional £10,000 ring fenced for forestry land purchase we believe the Micro-hubs project will deliver environmental, social and economic benefit to all our villages.
Do you agree?
Please can you please spare a couple more minutes to respond to our survey which is  anonymous.

Your reply is very important to us, we need our members responses to support our application.

To establish the Micro-hubs we need this funding, once established we are sure they will become financially sustainable as Eco Savvy in Whiting Bay has been from the onset.
If you would like to get involved and volunteer with Eco Savvy please contact us.
Please send us any comments or questions you have concerning mico-hubs or any other Eco matter.
Thank you for your time and support.

Eco Savvy

Join in Zero Waste Arran Week 2016

Zero Waste Arran 2016

Join us and help to make Arran a greener and more sustainable island.

Welcome to Zero Waste Arran Week

Eco has a plan to get everyone refilling their water bottles on Arran.

Arran Primary School pupils have all been invited to enter our competition to;

  • Design a poster to show everyone where water bottles can be refilled on the island

Their fantastic entries will be on display at the Big Green Footprint so please come along and show them your support

Come along to our Big Green Footprint  and find out more.

Do you have an up-cycling business?
A passion for up-cycling?
If so would you like to bring along samples of your work to one or both of our exhibitions to be held during Zero Waste Arran week 11th -18th September? Eco Savvy is planning a week of events including a social evening with some fun crafting Eco Style!
Eco is also presenting the BGF and hosting two large ambitious exhibitions in Whiting Bay and Brodick village halls with
A variety of great workshops – something for everyone.
Competitions and Challenges
If so would you like to bring along samples of your upcycling work to one or both of our exhibitions?
We would like to include all businesses and individuals who love up-cycling in an exhibition of work and products.
Exhibit your work, talk to visitors, demonstrate and share your up-cycling passion and experience.
Sell your up-cycled goods for a donation to Eco Savvy
Contact us to book your place.
Whiting Bay Exhibition Thursday 15th September
Brodick Hall Exhibition Saturday 17th September


Eco-Marine Competition & Crafts event

Plastics bin xxx

Eco Savvy will make this bin available at all times for beach plastic litter disposal.   The contents will be checked and all the litter which is possible to  recycle will be put in the blue recycle bins.

Please remember to pick up any beach plastic on the shore and put it in the bin outside Eco Savvy or use the Kildonan beach bin.


A display of “Beach plastic litter” marine life is shown in the Eco Savvy Community shop window.

Eco Marine poster

eco marine 1 xx

message xxmessage 2 xxeco marine 3 xx

Eco Savvy’s message

eco marine busy xx

eco marine 2 xx

A busy event and great to be working with   COAST 

creating xxnadia xx

eco marine prize giving xx

The prize giving


More details  here


Trash to Treasure up-cycling event

zero waste week 1 054

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Up-Cycling Workshop All Welcome

Whiting Bay Hall  11 am – 3.30 pm 

Tea & Coffee provided, please bring a packed lunch

Get Creative
Join us for an informal up-cycling day with Eco Savvy
This is a new style skill sharing event, we have many unwanted items in Eco Savvy which we think would be very saleable after an up-cycle.We have members with an amazing variety of skills who are happy to share them.
We have members who would love to try out some new skills but don’t know how to begin.
We have a huge variety of items to up-cycle and everything we could ever need to up-cycle them..

Painting, repairing and re designing unwanted items, Jewellery making, Decopage, Spinning, Card making, Felting, get creative with fabrics & wool and general up-cycling ideas to have fun with.

Love Food Hate Waste

photo (1)

Whiting Bay Primary Eco Group were some of the first visitors to Eco Savvy’s event, they are a very well informed group of children and spent the time with Eco discussing the importance of

  • buying only the food you need
  • cooking the right size of portions
  • how to use food which could end up being wasted


Wasting this food costs the average Scottish household £460 a year: that’s around £38 a month
The group all considered the money wasted and have lots of ideas of how to spend that amount of money .
Their households will most certainly not be wasting food!
Pupils are seen leaving with recipe ideas and some very useful portion control measures.
More facts about food waste can be seen  here 
Eco Savvy would like to thank you all those who came along and supported this event and special thanks to Bay Kitchen and Stores for such a lovely venue.

Wednesday 11th May

“Love Food Hate Waste” event

Bay Kitchen & Stores, Whiting Bay

Eco Savvy &  N.A.C.  will be in the store from  10.30 am. – 1.30 pm

Call in and share our recipes & tips and try our tasty banana loaf

Support Food Waste Reduction on Arran

The event will be followed by a volunteer get together in COAST all welcome.

Thursday 24th March  Co-Op  Brodick

Eco Savvy &  N.A.C.  will be in the store for a

“Love Food Hate Waste” event

Lynn from NAC is bringing simple quiz style things for you to do and lots of freebies to help you save on food waste.
Eco Savvy has compiled a small questionnaire which links  Love Food Hate Waste with Zero Waste Arran week in September
We have  a tasty snack for you to try and we will be handing out recipes & tips.

Please come along and show your support.




Public Meeting

 Brodick Hall   1.30pm                                          Saturday 27th February

Eco Savvy charity will be presenting our ideas for an exciting new Arran community project.
  • Arran Eco Park & Centre
  • for Leisure, Learning, Health & Recreation
  • supported by a CHP renewable energy project
  • An all ability Centre for the benefit of the Arran community & visitors.
  • A place where new technology & sustainable lifestyles can be embraced. 

We need to be sure of community support to proceed and we invite you to come along to our public meeting where we will deliver a presentation of our ideas,  hold a questions and answers session followed by an opportunity for you to contribute your own ideas and assist with a brief survey.

This would be a very important project for Arran with huge community benefit, so please come along and show your support or just come, find out more and ask questions.


Coastal Erosion Trial

Eco Savvy is supporting  the Whiting Bay Coastal Erosion prevention  Marram Grass trial.

We are asking all residents to join in growing marram grass seeds for a mass planting autumn 2016

This is just a trial, but coast line observations from other villages suggest that marram grass is very effective at strengthening the coast line

zero waste week 1 013

zero waste week 1 014

What to do

  1. Cut your milk bottles in half with scissors
  2. Make a drainage hole in the base
  3. Put 1 – 3 stones into the container to add weight
  4. Fill with soil (not compost)
  5. Plant in 3 or 4 seeds of Marram Grass

Allow the seeds to germinate and grow until root bound. (July-August)

Remove the Plastic Milk container and either , reuse  or  recycle

These plugs will then be inserted along the shoreline

 zero waste week 1 016

 Marram Grass seeds.

 This trial is instigated by members of

Whiting Bay & Districts Improvements Association  

supported by Arran Eco Savvy

You can collect your own seeds  or Please ask for seeds at Eco Savvy

zero waste week 1 015


Zero Waste Solutions

An Eco Savvy Zero Waste Solution


Outdated Technology is very difficult to sell.

Solutions need to be found for recycling items like cassette recordings and videos

These items cannot be recycled due to a coating on the tape.


  • Remove the Video or Cassette from the plastic case
  • This plastic case can be put into your Blue Bin

The cassette or video must go in the Black Bin

  • But you can do much more with the cases
  • Turn the paper sleeve and add a favourite photograph
  • Add a picture or leave it clear
  • You can now use this case for many things.
  • We chose to use an old calendar with great results

1 xxxvideo xx

Send your suggestions for Video cases ideas to Eco Savvy
  • Take a tiny screwdriver
  • Undo the screws and separate the cassettes
  • Now separate the components

unscrew video xxvideo cases xxx

spacers xxxspools xxx

You will have

  • 2 outer black plastic cases
  • 2 plastic spools and tape
  • White and silver risers

We threaded the risers onto a bootlace and made a stylish necklace for our mannequin

necklace xx

  • What would you do?
  • What can we do with the outer cases?
We can now recycle them

Now to find a use for the tape & spools

We created an art project using the tapes.

Art of video xx

We also knitted some tape.

knitting video xxknit xx


Knitted tape xxxzero waste shop camera 089

Next we had some fun up-cycling an outfit for our mannequin.

mannequin full xx

The mannequin’s jacket is embellished with knitted video tape , the skirt and sleeves are made using vintage chair backs.

Please note Video Tape is highly flammable

  • Keep away from naked flames.
  • The best use for knitted tape would be decorative use and for outside use, like a bag.
Did you know If each adult on Arran had just one unwanted video & put it in the black bin, the result would be:
1 ton of waste going to land fill.
That would be 3,333 videos!
Eco Savvy can’t deal with them all!
So please try this simple zero waste challenge

even if you send the tape only to landfill, you will have made a substantial difference.

zero waste week video challenge xxxzero waste challenges xxx

zero waste week 1 051

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